What is a Reader Extended PDF?

When using Adobe Acrobat Pro, what does it mean to save a file as a Reader Extended PDF? What is the difference between this, and saving a file as a regular PDF?

Jaco Bolle

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When you open a regular PDF in e.g. Reader X, you cannot save the file, you cannot load a form, partially fill it and then save it for later, you cannot add annotations to the document to participate in e.g. an online review, and a few more things that you would need Adobe Acrobat for.

When you save a PDF as Reader extended file, you add something to the file that allows Reader to run in a more powerful, feature-rich mode: All of a sudden you can modify and save the file and do a bunch of other things.

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Watch the "Reader vs Acrobat" video here: http://www.pdfscripting.com/members/manage/content_editaction.cfm

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Opps, the link to the free video is: http://www.pdfscripting.com/public/Free_Videos.cfm#AXIForms

Watch the one titled "Reader vs Acrobat"

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