What exactly do Date Created and Date Modified under Properties actually mean?

Is Date Created the date the original file was first saved?
If the file is e-mailed to a second machine does the Date Created remain the same or is it the date the file is saved on the second machine?

john ball

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It's the actual date the file was created. It should not change when sent to a new machine.


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By Gilad D (try67)   

This information is stored in the PDF file, it's not the date stamp on the file. This means that when you copy the file (e.g. as an email attachment), the original creation and modification date and time stamps are still intact. The created date is when the PDF file was originally created, the modified date is from the last time you've last modified the file with software that actually honors this part of the meta information and updates it.

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Karl Heinz Kremer   

You should realize the creation and modification date displays the UTC date and time formatted using the local time zone and DST adjustmetns. So the local user sees the date and time in local terms but on a world wide basis the exact time expressed as the international UTC standard can be determined. These values are not affected by the movement between systems and file folders which are updated based on the OS and system.

George Kaiser   

Thanks all for your definitive replies.
I should have cast my question differently and referred to uploading to and downloading from a website.
May I therefore take it that if the original file is uploaded to a website and subsequently downloaded from there to a separate machine the Date Created will remain unchanged?

john ball   

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