We'll see if otI had/have a similar issue to this. Currently on a win 7 x64 Using office 2010 and

Currently on a win 7 x64 Using office 2010 and Acrobat pro 9

In word for instance we have the adobe plugin/addins bar set up ready to use.
If we want to export a pdf or use any of the tools word crashes and forces a reboot of the program prompting to disable the addon.

I spoke to adobe regarding this and they simply said 'incompatibility' - which is fair enough. But it doesnt resolve my issue, i understand there is work arounds - I.e save as PDF.

But i want my buttons to work. Any hel;p would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

chad Brown

2 Answers

This is a U2U, User 2 User, forum. We try to help other users. But we are not Adobe employees. This has been a big problem with Windows 7 64 bit from the start for many software packages and continues to be an issue.

Many users have successfully run Office 2010 and Acrobat in the 32 bit mode.

Also make sure you have the latest updates for Acrobat and MS Office applied.

George Kaiser   

From what i've found Acrobat installs as standard x86 program on a 64bit box doesnt it.

Its fully up to date, everything works fine - just the crashing with ms office 2010.
Cant seem to find any work arounds apart from saving as pdf etc.


chad Brown   

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