Using Adobe Reader X, how do I turn off the prompt to save changes when closing a document?

Upon closing Adobe Reader X, the prompt is presented to save changes to the document (whether or not changes were made). I am seeking to bypass this prompt and would hope there is an option to turn this annoying feature off.

Jeremiah Joseph

3 Answers

Are you sure there there is no JavaScript running within the PDF to modify a read only field or some other property? If so there is a document property "dirty" that indicates to Acrobat/Reader that the PDF has been changed in some manner and since that change has not been saved and to prompt the user about saving the changed PDF. A knowledgeable developer should have set this property to "false" after making their change during the opening of the PDF.

George Kaiser   

See this page, itme #3 for the solution, which is on the side of the PDF creator. Nothing the customer can do on his own.

Doonser Barrymore   

To fix your form for all users of your form,

For the "Will Close Action" add the following script:

this.dirty = false;

If you have a page open or document level script that modifies a field, then place the above code after you modify the field.

George Kaiser   

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