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I have been using Acrobat for some time now (Acrobat Pro 9-11 and now DC) and really like the software.

I have been using Google Classroom for my High School physics classes the past two years. This is part of Google Apps for Education and is a real time saver for distributing and receiving completed student work. I have tried a number of methods of attaching a PDF form for students to fill out, but either (depending on the methods) the form is not editable, or too complex and hassle for the students (e.g. DocHub). I have had limited success when students are instructed to download the PDF to their desktop, complete the form with Adobe Reader, and upload the completed form back to their Google Classroom. This has not been bulletproof and still requires too many steps to complete and submit the form to the teacher. Is there any plan to produce an Adobe Reader app for chrome, this would obviously work. I have converted several of my Adobe forms to Google Forms but Google Forms lack the flexibility of Adobe Forms and is a real pain in the rear to generate, they do however, work seamlessly with Google Classroom - no surprise there. I am all ears if anybody might have a suggestion.

Thanks Steve Haswell, Navarre FL

Stephen Haswell

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Google Classroom is limited to users with an educational Google account, so you may have a hard time finding somebody who is both familiar with Google Classroom and the PDF world.

In general, when you display a PDF file in Google Chrome, by default, it will use it's own PDF viewer, which has a lot less capabilities than Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. You can configure Chrome so that PDF files are opened in a standalone Acrobat or Adobe Reader application, but that may not work with the Google Classroom integration (again, I am not familiar, and I don't know how information is posted back to Google Classroom).

Acrobat and Reader used to work inside Chrome, but Google decided to pull the plug a while ago. This was not something that Adobe did, Chrome stopped supporting the kind of plug-in that Adobe provides. You can still use it for almost all other browsers, so the solution may be to stick with a browser that still allows you to open a PDF file inside the browser using Acrobat or Reader:

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