Use the Comments & Markkup toolbar when it's dimmed on a PDF I open

I occasionally open PDFs in which "(SECURED)" appears after the file name. I want to add comments to the PDF but cannot because the Comments & Markup toolbar is dimmed. I tried doing a Save As with no luck.

Arlene Zimmerly

3 Answers

It would appear that you have a PDF to which security has been applied such that comments & markups are not allowed. Ask whomever provided the PDF if they might provide a PDF that has not had security applied.

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David Austin   

David Austin's answer is the proper way to do this.

Alternatively, if the security settings (check document properties) allow it you can print to PDF and you should be able to add comments to the new file.

Roger Andreassen   

Unfortunately, you'll need the password in order the change the security permissions. Here is a blog post that details How set permissions so that you can comment on a secured PDF file for reference.

Lori Kassuba   

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