Unable to open embedded links to other PDF files or executables

Hi all, the issue is as follows.

Maths text books in PDF format contain embedded links to other PDF files (for activities) and also embedded links to Flash and Executable files (for interactive activities).

Previous versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader allowed these embedded links to be opened (by Staff and Students alike), however now there are security prompts such as:
"This document is trying to access:

<filepath is here>\filename.pdf

If you trust this document, choose Allow. If you do not trust this document, choose Block"

and also

"Could not open <folder name>/filename.exe"

when "Enable Protected Mode at startup" and "Enable Enhanced Security" are enabled.
However when both are disabled, linked PDF documents open correctly, but when attempting to open links to executables the following message appears:

"This file is set to be launched by this PDF file. This is currently disallowed by your system administrator.

File: <path to file>\filename.exe"

Can anyone shed some light on how to enable the embedded links again? This is currently affecting 300 machines in a school environment and preventing students from learning, so any and all assistance is appreciated.


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A agree with you that the "security" spiel does get increasingly annoying. However, as it has been said, there is a reality, which may or may not affect your environment.

There are also weaknesses in the textbooks, particularly running executables from a link in the document.

If the text books were created by your organization, you would have some possibilities to make them less an issue, although there may or even will be side effects, which have to be taken into consideration:

• Making the textbooks into Portfolios, where all the subsequent documents are included. This would allow to access those documents without having to do an external link.

• Replace the external executables with Acrobat JavaScript applications which can be part of the document.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

By Max Wyss   

The "security sandbox" for Adobe Reader / Acrobat has become progressively more "defensive" as PDF has become targeted as a vehicle for local machine access.
Thus the security alerts re: files.
As well, the exclusion of executables.
I don't see this changing and there is little to nothing that can be done re: the file related warning(s).
Most likely you will have to re-master content to accommodate the "overhead of the digital world".
Be well...

David Austin   

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