Un-marking Text Marked for Redaction

How do I unmark text that has been marked for redaction? I have not applied the redaction yet; I only applied it inadvertently to some text that I know I do now want redacted.

Lynne Bruzzese

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When you mark something for redaction, it adds a redaction annotation. You can select any redactio annotation with the Select Object tool and delete it. Exactly how you get to the Select Object tool depends on which version of Acrobat you're using. You can also Undo (Edit > Undo) to remove the latest on you've added.

By George Johnson   

Which version of Acrobat?

You can open the "Comments" panel and see the annotations of the type "Redact". You can delete the comment that you do not want applied, or you can go the page where the item is marked for Redation and delete the comment.

Once applied redacted content cannot be restored.

George Kaiser   

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