Trying to update Acrobat XI Pro - keeps failing

1. Keep getting reminders to update, each attempt fails, giving me error 1603.
2. When I look for error 1603, it suggests removing Reader. I do not have a separate "Reader".
3. Tried installing Vers. 11.0.9 - failed, error 1603.
4. Tried installing Vers. 11.0.7 (I have Vers. 11.0.6) - that failed.
5. Went into Acrobat and ran "Repair".
6. Tried running the update from within Acrobat, got the message that it is ready to install (had downloaded long ago), same error 1603.

At the end of my rope - need help.

Lore Lingner

4 Answers

Did you ever get it to work? I have the same issue, and even uninestalled and ran the Adobe cleaner before a reinstall. With no Adobe products installed, I went through the system and deleted all Adobe related directories. I even did the same thing to the registry.

John Schmidt   


I had a simailar problem after reinstalling Acrobat XI pro 11.0.0 from my DVD I bought in 2012.
The "online" updates wouldn't work.
Always one file was missing under c:\config.msi\xxxx.tmp and then rollback to 11.0.0.

This is what worked for me:
1.) I donloaded ALL updated .1, .2, .3 etc. until .10 form Adobe to my computer.
2.) Then I installed them in chronological order (
3.) Two times I gor the same failure message/code, but now it offered to an "Ignore" button.
4.) After choosing "Ignore" the installer completed the installation without issues.

Now I am on 11.0.10 without noticing any troubles.

Good Luck.

stefan lauer   

I work on a help desk and one of my users is getting an Update Failed error when we go to help, Check for code or anything just update failed in Acrobat Pro XI. She also gets messages intermittently to update. but can't. She is really annoyed.


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