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Troubleshooting an accessible pdf that is failing the accessibility checker in XI

I'd appreciate some assistance troubleshooting an accessible pdf that is failing the accessibility checker in XI.

Firstly I'm unsure why this is failing (I've previously made similar documents successfully), and secondly, I've run out of options in trying to repair it.

My pdf (like the others I've done) started out as a long-document book file created in InDesign CS5.5.

My process for creating the tagging, alt text, etc, was done by following instructions in Adobe TV training videos.

I'm getting two errors that I can't repair:

1. the Table of Contents (created in INDD via Table of Contents dialogue box and style sheets)
Error message: Tagged Annotations - Failed

2. For a H3 level heading:
Error message: Appropriate nesting - Failed

I've run the Wizard in Acrobat XI but it couldn't fix the problem. I've rebuilt stylesheets, reimported the table of contents and done any number of adjustments to the InDesign file to try and repair the issue but nothing has worked.

a conn 1166 days ago

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As a web design when it comes to finding and fixing errors that are there right in your face but you can't see them. I copy and paste all the code and start going through it in chunks until I found the error. It is annoying tasking but I think that is what you should do, go through everything in a small chunk and review it for yourself to make sure everything looks right and then run the scanner.

If it pops up green across the board then you are good to go and eventually you will bump into the error and you should be able to compare it to the previous one that came up clean.

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You've a PDF - not an HTML file yes?
Regarding the TOC.
Walk the PDF's structure tree associated with the TOC.
What is present? Is it appropriate? Does it correctly reflect what is in InD?
Regarding the H3 heading.
"Appropriate nesting" - implies you have use incorrect heading nesting.

Any H3 *must*/*shall* be a child of a parent H2.
This is an PDF/UA-1 (ISO 14289-1), PDF-1 (ISO 32000-1) requirement.
Note that PDF/UA-1 defines what is an "accessible" PDF.
As such, those software houses that actually endeavor to support accessibility (such as Adobe) develop current releases of applications to comply with such ISO standards.
Regarding use of the accessibility wizard.
Ok to use for initial tagging of a relatively simple untagged PDF.
However, the wizard is *not* a "repair" or "validation" tool.
Using it to do a 'fix' on a tagged PDF is going to give you a soup sandwich.
Be well...

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