To Reduce the total ink coverage

How can I reduce the total ink coverage in acrobat, I am using acrobat 9 on PC

Sohail Khan

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In Acrobat - go into the PreFlight Checker (Advanced | Production Print > Preflight)

There are several pre-set preflight profiles that you might be able to use. If not, you may need to create a custom fixup.

For example, in the Convert Colors fixup you could go through and reduce the dot gain which should reduce your overall ink coverage.

I even checked PitStop - it cannot directly change the total ink coverage - only report if it's over a particular density over a specified area.

In short, it appears you need to adjust the colors to reduce the total ink coverage... I am by no means an expert in this area - so if someone has a better answer please post.

As you are specifically asking about total ink coverage I will make the assumption you know that reducing it will cause a positive (upwards) shift of your color space (along the L axis of L*a*b) - basically making the overall image lighter in color.


By Douglas Hanna   

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