Times New Roman in Word documents changes to TimesNewRomanPSMT in PDF documents

I do not understand why Times New Roman changes to TimesNewRomanPSMT, when I create a PDF based on a Word document.

I write with Times New Roman in the Word document. Then I create a PDF document using different methods:

1)"Save as PDF" from Word 2010

Times New Roman (True Type/Ansi)is not embedded, but changes to TimesNewRomanPSMT

Times New Roman (True Type (CID)/Identity-H)is embedded

2)"Convert to Adobe PDF" (Acrobat Distiller 9.0.0 – Windows)

I get:

TimesNewRomanPSMT (True Type/Ansi) changes to TimesNewRomanPSMT (True Type)

In both cases TimesNewRomanPSMT replaces Times New Roman, but why? And where does Word/Adobe find this font. I have looked in C:\Windows\Fonts, but I only see Times New Roman in four versions (regular, bold, italic and bold italic).

Can someone please explain?

Kind regards,

Peter Jensen

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The Times New Roman font you have installed IS the Times New Roman PSMT font. A TrueType font can have different names. The most important ones are these:

  • There is of course the file name, which is an abbreviated version of the name
  • the "Full Name", which in your case if "Times New Roman"
  • The PostScript name, which in your case is "TimesNewRomanPSMT"

Here is a screenshot of the TTFEdit application (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ttfedit/) that shows the information for the Times New Roman font that comes with Windows 7:


So, you are actually referencing the same font via two different names.

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