This PDF document might not be displayed correctly - Open with a different viewer

When hosting a web-based interactive PDF on a website, is there any way that when people click on the link to open the PDF that it will automatically try and open in an installed version of Acrobat or Acrobat Reader instead of trying to open in the browser? When it opens in the browser, you get the message displayed at the top, 'This PDF document might not be displayed correctly - Open with a different viewer.' If you don't click to open with a different viewer, and view in the browser, not all the interactive pdf features work properly. Is there any way of setting things so it bypasses this 'browser' step?

Mark Williams

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Are you trying to open the document with Firefox?

Have you tried other browsers? Could you test other browsers for me please?

This is a manual restore in Firefox:

You could try by code. For example, JavaScript has this feature:

at least with it you might find out whether a plugin viewer is installed and show a message to disable it...

Also see this (always JavaScript):


Much also depends on which technology you are building your website with?

Let us know.

By Ricardo Falegnami   

Thanks so much - very interesting and useful. It was Firefox I was using. The forum links you sent refer to the kind of issue I was having. The main problem seemed to be PDF portfolios not displaying properly within the browser.

Mark Williams   

So I guess there is not way of doing anything to the actual PDF itself to force it to open in Reader and not the browser. I guess like someone in the forum links said, what if someone doesn't have reader installed. As I said, PDF portfolios seemd to cause the most problems.

Mark Williams   

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