Things are taking a turn for the perpendicular: trouble importing comments from one pdf to another

When ever I try importing comments from one pdf to another the comments get imported so that they are perpendicular to the text of the pdf. This also occurs when I attempt to copy and paste the comments from one to the other.

Weird thing is, when I simply create a new text box with, the words run parallel again with the original text.

Any ideas on a quick fix?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Connor Reilly

6 Answers

This happens because the pages of one of the forms are rotated, even if it doesn't look like it...
The way to solve it is to find out which document is rotated (go to Document - Rotate Pages and it should tell you), and then print that document to the PDF Printer, thereby creating a new document which will look identical, but will not have the rotation. You can then import the comments and they should come out correctly.

Gilad D (try67)   

Gliad, could you please elaborate on your response? How will acrobat "tell" me which of the forms is rotated? I just rotated all of the pages 180 degrees simply rotated all of the pages 180 degrees. Furthermore, I also don't quite follow the "print to pdf" step you mentioned about.

Connor Reilly   

I'm sorry, the path I described doesn't actually show the page rotation.
For that you will need to run a script from the JS console. Press Ctrl+J, paste this code and then press Ctrl+Enter:

If the output is 0, that document is not rotated. If it's something else, it is.

The printing solution is simple: after you've found the rotated document, go to File - Print and select the Adobe PDF printer. Now print the file, as is, and save it under a new name. Open that file and import the comments into it, they should appear in the right location.

Gilad D (try67)   

Hey Gliad, I did as you said and the output was 0.

How should I proceed?

Connor Reilly   

What about the original file, the one from which the comments were exported?

Gilad D (try67)   

Nothing happens. It won't respond to ctrl + enter or command enter (I'm on a mac, not sure if there is a difference.)

Is that informative?

Connor Reilly   

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