The Image is too wide to output. Please crop it or reduce resolution and try again

error message: The Image is too wide to output. Please crop it or reduce resolution and try again

Al G

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The problem is that when the PDF is large the tiff image produced will have more pixels than is allowed by the TIFF standard.
If you use settings and set the Resolution to something reasonable, like 300 dpi, instead of Determine Automatically it will work.
You really could expect that Determine Automatically should be able to fix this by itself.

By Allan Bellansson   

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Leonel Coelho   

Does anyone have an answer to this. I get this problem all the time. Apparently Adobe cannot create very large tiff files. I have a large plotter and often like to save pdfs at a high resolution for incorporation into large drawings. Is acrobat only good for letter size figures? Does Adobe have a program that can work with large files?

Thomas Burke   

I'm in the same boat, same hi-res scanned PDFs and same error message. This sounds crazy, but I was able to get Acrobat to export a 20000x12000 pixel TIFF by rotating the image sideways before I exported.

Chris DiPrima   

You can open it in photoshop, convert to grayscale and save as jpeg.

Ian Hartsook   

Converting aeiral photographs to black and white is not a solution. Graphic imagery has made leaps and bounds soince 1952. I dont think that we should lock ourselves into that decade just becasue someone has put an artificial limitation in a piece of software. I use software to help me with my work. I dont tailor my work to match the limitations of software.

Thomas Burke   

I have Acrobat 6 and the large tiff files work fine with that version. It is only in the last few versions of Acrobat that Adobe has limited the size of tiff files. We keep Acrobat 6 on one computer in the office just for that purpose. It can work with much larger complex files, and is much more stable than the versions of Acrobat that have come out over the last few years.

Thomas Burke   

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