Text Field Properties - some show 8 tabs, some show 4 tabs, what gives?

I use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and am rather new to the editing world of things. I have created two simple forms, one is a basic application form and one is a basic references form. I do not understand why on the Reference form, the Text Field Properties window shows (8) tabs [General, Appearance, Position, Options, Actions, Format, Validate, & Calculate] for great editing potential while the Application form Text Field Properties only show (4) tabs [General, Appearance, Position, & Options]. The Application form Text Field properties prevent me from creating proper Date, Phone, and Zip code fields. Why are the two forms showing different Text Field Properties editing tabs? Thanks in advance! John

John Forest

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I assume the form that only shows 4 tabs on that dialog was designed for Adobe's eSign system (which means that you checked the "This document requires signatures" checkbox). Unfortunately, this it's not obvious what that checkbox does. I don't think you can reverse that function, so you very likely have to start again with the document without the form fields.

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Karl Heinz Kremer   


Yes, you can reverse that function in the Form pane. Clic on the top first local menu and clic on the first menu item.

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JR Boulay   

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