System Font not Available?

When I try to add and delete text in Adobe Acrobat Pro 10, I receive a message that says that all or part of the selection has no available system font, so I cannot add or delete any text in this particular document. How do I resolve this problem or how do I make the system font, whatever that is, "available"?

Nick Behm

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Acrobat Pro's Preflight offers an "inventory" report capability. You might try that to see if it will identify the fonts used in the PDF. You need to install the font(s) and make them available to the OS (so applications can access them). This way the font(s) become "system fonts".

You may want to ask the provider of the PDF to provide a new one that has a very generic font used and embedded.

Remember that PDF is *not* a format designed to support edits to content, format, or page layout. Minor edits (typically no more than one line of text at a time) are support by Acrobat and other PDF "editors". Consequently, almost any editing is better done in the authoring file from which a new output PDF is provided.

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