Submit not working after digital sign

Can we not have a digital signature and a submit button?
Submit works fine before digital signature?

Exception in line 2 of function top_level, script Field:Mouse Up

DeadObjectError: Object is dead.
Doc.getField:2:Field Submit:Mouse Up

Submit script:
var cToAddr = "";
var cSubLine = this.getField("CustomerName").value + " " + this.getField("ChangeType").value + " change";
var cBody = "Thank you for submitting your maintenance. Please check Navigator in two business day to confirm all changes were completed correctly.";
var cEmailURL = "mailto:" + cToAddr + "?subject=" + cSubLine + "&body=" + cBody;
this.getField("Reset").display = display.hidden;
this.getField("Blurb").display = display.hidden;
this.getField("Blurb2").display = display.hidden;
this.getField("Submit").display = display.hidden;
this.submitForm({cURL: encodeURI(cEmailURL), cSubmitAs:"PDF"});

Teresa Houck

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It's not the submission that fails: The error message indicates a problem in line 2 of your script. Submitting a signed form definitely works. Are both fields still accessible? I would add something like this for debugging purposes:


Hopefully this will tell you which field is causing the problems.

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