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Hi experts,

I need a button to send a PDF (or a FDF) into a Google Drive.
Is it possible?

JR Boulay

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I'd go with FDF following these criteria

  1. HTTP submission here:

  2. Drive App here:

About HTTP submission, in the past it helped me a lot to watch this video:

Ricardo Falegnami   

Otherwise the email submission solution (asynchronous but still valid):

also check out all possible triggers:

and these examples:

maybe at Google they are already thinking about a new trigger the like of "new email in the box" to improve our workflow.

Ricardo Falegnami   

Great links. Thanks.

JR Boulay   

There's actually a third way: HTML-style submission
(HTTP Get style Name/Value Pairs, only works for small data)

So, if you only have a bunch of fields (I don't know how many are allowed exactly) you can send them directly to a Google Spreadsheet.
Look at the doPost(e) method suggested in this thread:

Ricardo Falegnami   

Ricardo, you save my day more than I could have ever hoped.

mathRound(1000 * thank you)


JR Boulay   

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