Structure Types are all Span tags when making an accessible PDF in InDesign to Acrobat

InDesign CC 2015.2 Release, Build
2015 Release, Version 2015.010.20056

I am working on converting a larger document into an accessible PDF so I created a one page sample to make sure I was setting everything up correctly.

All of my text has been assigned a Paragraph Style, as well as setting up the Export Tagging for each Paragraph Style to the correct Tag for PDF. I double checked this through Edit All Export Tags... When I save as a Interactive PDF, Create Tagged PDF is checked off.

When I open the PDF in Acrobat, I got to Accessibility > Reading Order. I have Show page content groups checked off but when I change the setting from Page content order to Structure Types, it shows all my paragraphs as Span. If I go to the Tags section, all of my tags are setup correctly and read H1, H2, Paragraph, etc. I can go in manually through the Touch Up Reading Order and select/define all the headers and paragraphs but I thought this would all be done automatically when I exported to a PDF.

I've looked at numerous tutorials and webpages trying to see if I am missing something so I am hoping someone here can help shed some light.


Kent Williams

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When I save as a Interactive PDF, Create Tagged PDF is checked off.

This is one of the most stupid default option in InDesign, check it ON.

JR Boulay   

Just to clarify, when I said that Created Tagged PDF is checked off, I meant it is turned on.

Kent Williams   

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