Stamp Confidential on document production

I want to add "confidential" stamp to every page of a document production, is there a way to stamp that without going page by page? Using Acrobat 8 Prof.

Janie Berks

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Do you really need a stamp? or would a water mark work just the same or better?

Go to the "Document > Watermark > Add" menu item. You can also do this with a batch process, in order to apply "Confidential" to multiple documents.

Thom Parker
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JR Boulay   

but needed an answer NOW:

- create a new blank PDF page,
- apply the "Confidential" stamp, flatten*, and Save-as,
- then use this new PDF as a watermark** (on every page).


* Use the
Flatten Page Content Tool :


JR Boulay   

Not so sure how that would work. I have a 700 + page document production, broken up into multi-page documents, I would have had to do that over 700 times. Seems like that would have take more time.

Janie Berks   

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