Smart Card and customer signature with digital ink

Hi, I have created a form that has multiple CAC enabled signature areas, plus I applied the ink signature x 2 fields for the second ink signature to be the final signature.
1. How do I create a fixed "apply ink sig" field so it enters in the preformatted box where it cannot be altered, enlarge etc.
2. Once the 2nd customer signs I want the form to lock from changes.

Rhonda Walker

1 Answer

//place one button as submitsign then its javascript write this code app.execMenuItem("HandMenuItem"); this.getField("Signaturetxt").display=1; //signature textbox where you are signing. this.syncAnnotScan(); var annots = this.getAnnots({type:"Ink"}); for (var i = 0; i < annots.length; i++) { annots[i]; annots[i].readOnly=true;}

Hope it will work.

sachin prasad   

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