Signing in Reader X using the SIGN tab

When I open a document to sign (in Reader) under the SIGN tab I am getting an error that "the security settings on this document prevent adding text and/or placing a signature on it from Reader".

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong or the setting(s) I am missing when I create the PDF in Acrobat X Pro before sending to someone with Reader.

Please advise.


Karyn Dawes

2 Answers

Does the PDF have the "Extended Reader Rights" applied to it?

There is a signing service provided by Adobe for users with Reader. Adobe also provides a creation service for Reader users.

The product is the free Adobe Reader. You get more features when you purchase the Adobe Acrobat product.

George Kaiser   

Hi Karyn,

See this thread where this issue is discussed-
It is kind of a convoluted topic.....

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