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How do I in Acrobat ProX apply a signature to every page in a file?

Barbara Orler

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Acrobat and only allows for signing can or certifying the entire PDF. This signature can be hidden or a form field. It is possible to have multiple signature fields, but only the last signature field applied will validate that there are no changes to the PDF, all the other signatures will indicate the document was changed.

By George Kaiser   

As George states, the digital signature covers the whole document, and only the whole document. It has threefold purpose: sealing the integrity of the document, adding a time stamp, and identifying the signer.

In paper-based workflows, many organizations require that the user signs every page of a document. This signature's purpose is -- besides providing business to the pen makers -- probably a confirmation that the signer has read the according page. This does not coincide with any of the purposes of the digital signature. In my humble understanding, the PDF/Acrobat equivalent of such a signature would be a stamp using an image of the wet signature of the signer.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss   

I am not sure why you need to do this - the signature actually covers for the whole document, not unless yo just want it to be that way. You can try doignit manually by siging each page. This option is not really made to sign each and every page but to satisfy that the article is not to be trampled with.

Jireh Manzano   

You need to specify exactly what you want to do.

You can apply a "signature" comment/annotation stamp to each page, but this is not secure and does not indicate if the document has been modified after the signature was applied.

You can apply a digital signature to entire document that will indicate that the PDF was changed after the document was signed and is also considered to be equivalent to a pen and ink signature in many countries for legal documents.

Maybe a combination of both methods would be appropriate. One also should consider what data should be included in the stamp image.

George Kaiser   

This is more of a suggestion, because it seems some industry sectors, such as mine, need a signature to appear on each page. Contractors still use paper plans to take at projects and the digital signature, with whatever features we want it to have, should appear on every page, because of trust and regulation issues.

Although I'll push for the use of the Stamp feature, it will still look odd and, for us, unofficial.

The signature feature should provide for the signature "image" to appear, at least, on the same position in each page. I think this shouldn't be difficult from a software standpoint, certainly not for the programmers of Adobe.

This way, for organizations that need it, they can regulate for a clean space on the same position to be provided in each of the design pages.

Julio Trujillo   

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