Shortcut key to highlight text in adobe reader XI ?

How to highlight text using shortcut key in adobe reader XI ?
If highlight text tool can be used in read mode or full screen mode also ?
Please answer.

Saket sharma

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This is indeed possible.

First, yoiu have to activate the single key shortcuts (meaning that you press a key, and an associated tool gets selected). You do this in the Preferences, in the General tab, by checking the "Use single-key acceleerators to access tools" option. You then may have to restart Acrobat/Reader.

This activates the single key commands. H is for the Hand tool, and U is for the Highlight tool.

I have not tried it in Read mode, but it does work in Full Screen mode.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

By Max Wyss   

Activate single key short cut in Preferences- General . then In full screen mode, right click to use select tool and then use U to use hightlight tools


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