Severe lag in Adobe Reader with Macbook Pro Retina 13


I am extremely surprised at how terribly adobe reader performs on my new macbook pro retina. Every other aspect of my Mac is buttery smooth, but adobe reader is a laggy mess operating at probably 1fps. Is this a widespread issue? Is there an update/fix in the works? Or, is there something I can do to fix this?

My issue is beyond the simple aesthetic. The whole UI is terribly slow; this includes keyboard input, the search function, etc. It has gotten to the point where it affects my productivity. I'd appreciate some insight here.

Thanks :)


Mathieos Belayneh

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I start using Preview. Is not as good as a "normal" Acrobat, but can do the work for the most basic things in a cripsy looking retina resolution. Adobe Acrobat really suck in MBPR

By max trullas   


Be sure to use the latest Adobe Reader version (11).

JR Boulay   

Not that Mac's shouldn't have a problem with multiple software running at the same time, but try closing down programs that you are not using and try running Reader that way. Another thing you can do is disable Fast Web View (Edit > Preferences> Internet ) and see if that picks up a little speed. Other than that make sure you are updated to 11.1.

Michael Anderson   

mine works terribly too :(
I have the latest reader version and Pro X. Both are awful. Very very upset as I work a lot with PDF files, editing, etc...
Im on MBPR 15.
Any suggestions of another software that simply works?

max trullas   

Just downloaded Reader for work. Everything about it is slow and lags terribly. Preview on the other hand works brilliantly. No sure who the blame but it is seriously delaying my work.

Kevin Chung   

I have the same problem, also with MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch.
Also tried a two year old MacBook Air 11 inch, with Adobe reader 9, same problem, but only when used standalone, an not in when used as plugin in Safari!

Matti Hjelm   

It's always been like that. Adobe just can't get the display performance right on MBP. They will never reach the performance of
An interesting note - the same version of *any* Reader/Acrobat works *much* faster in my virtual Win7 under Parallels than natively on the same Mac!

Krzysztof Kruszynski   

An informative thread but, essentially, OT re; "Acrobat Answers".
Be well...

David Austin   

These settings seem to have fixed this problem for me.

Sound with Vision   

Well after using the Preview app for 9 months, I hoped I could come back to adobe reader with this issue fixed; however, the app is as terribly slow as ever. I honestly don't know how this issue is still not addressed. I have spoken with atleast 10 other macbook retina users and they too have this issue with the official adobe reader app. Yes all other applications are closed when using it. Yes I downloaded the latest version. It still is a laggy mess.

Thank you to those who tried to help.

The only solution for now is to delete the app again, return to using preview, and maybe I'll check again in another 9 months :/. I am very disappointed in the apparent incompetence of the Adobe team.


Mathieos Belayneh   

Hello, I had the same issue. Do you have the program RIGHT ZOOM installed? If so, this is your problem. Either delet RZ or stop it from working in with adobe. Go to RZ settings and I am sure you will figure it out from there.

Chad Christensen   

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