Script to delete all rows in dynamic table

Dear All,
can anyone help me with a script to delete all rows in LiveCycle pdf form dynamic table, please?

Here are some details: I have a dynamic table, which has Add Row and Delete Row buttons. My form also has a Reset Form button. However, if user creates Rows in the table by using Add Row button and then afterwards click a Reset Form, only data in table cells is cleared but all the created rows are still there.

I tried to solve the problem by following Javascript cycle:

var RowsNumber = form1.page1.Table.Row.instanceManager.count
for (i=1; i<=RowsNumber; i++)

this solve only 50% of the problem, because it only deletes every second row, leaving other half still there.

I assume there should be a very elegant solution, and I'm looking forward to hear your advise.

Thanks a lot!

Sergiy Kotenko

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Another solution is:


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By Thom Parker   

For anyone looking for a solution, I found a brilliant solution from Niall O'Donovan, and I'm really thankful for that.

Here is the script:

while (_rowSubform.count > 1)

Sergiy Kotenko   

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