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Saving line space formatting in empty text fields

Hi, I want to create text fields with multiple lines using RTF formatting option with specific line space (e.g. 18 Pt).

I create a multi-line text field, activate the RTF option and after closing the field editing mode I use the key shortcut cmd+e to change the line space in the text field.

After saving the PDF file (the file is still open in Acrobat) the line space format option is lost. Only when the text field is filled with text the line space format is not lost when saving the pdf file. But I want to save empty text fields WITH line space formattings. How can I do this?

Lutz Wittenmayer 1131 days ago

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There is not much you can do about that effect. The text properties are tied to actual text, and therefore, you will have to keep some text in the field. The easiest you can keep in the field would be a properly formatted space character.

Two notes:

a) the richText property of text fields, as well as richValue has NOTHING to do with the .rtf file format. It is therefore a bit dangerous to call fields with richText set "RTF fields". Unfortunately, Adobe lacked the according quality control with the localization, and at least in German, they talk about RTF.

b) Fields with richText set are not reset-proof. There is no richDefaultValue property, and therefore you would lose all contents when you reset the form; you will have to provide your own method to refill fields with richText set after a reset.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

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