Saving enhanced metafiles in Word 2007 to Adobe 9 PDF?

For my job, I save large pieces of information from Excel templates to a Word Document to create a much longer manual. We have always transferred the data from the Excel file to the Word Document as an enhanced metafile. However, since my upgrade to the Adobe 9 Standard version, large metafiles are now showing up blank when I save the Word document as a PDF. This is a serious problem because our printers use the Adobe file. I am using Microsoft Word 2007 and Adobe 9 Standard.

I have made the metafiles work by saving them in smaller chunks but that is still a bit shaky (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't). I have tried a few other methods of transferring the data to the Word document and the only other paste special feature that still transferred to the PDF properly was as a bitmap. The problem is that the picture is not as clear with the bitmap image. Any suggestions?

Jenny Gary

1 Answer

Word is not a great instrument for doing as you are. It has major problems in handling large documents. This is what desktop publishing programs are designed to do. My first suggestion would be to use something like FrameMaker where you can export your Excel files to pdf and import the pdf files into FrameMaker. But really any decent dtp program should work.

Assuming you do ot want to go that route, rather than export as enhanced metadata files, have you tried OLE embedding of the excel file directly into word and see if that works.

Michael Kazlow   

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