Saving a Reader file to tif format

I have a Windows XP computer that will open an Adobe Reader file and save it as a .tif (using "print to Microsoft XPS Document Writer" option) but Windows 7 doesn't seem to have that capability? There is no option for me to save it as a .tif; only as an xps extension

Larry Chagnon

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You can't do that if you only have free Adobe Reader, you need to have Adobe Acrobat to save a PDF file as TIFF.

You are right, Microsoft XPS Document Writer won't give you the option to save as .tif. You can download Adobe Acrobat Pro trial, fully functional for 30 days, to do that.

Almir R V Santos   

The answer doesn't make sense. I have a workstation with Windows XP that only has the free version of Reader, and they are able to save the file from Reader to tif but my Windows 7 will not. So, it can't be related to the Reader version can it? I have a full license version of Adobe Acrobat but Reader and Acrobat are not all...which makes my Acrobat useless if someone sends a Reader product. This is why I need to save these documents as something else.

Larry Chagnon   

Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are definitely compatible - you should be able to open any valid PDF file in either Reader or Acrobat without a problem. If you have both Reader and Acrobat installed on the same system, you have to make sure that both are of the same version (e.g. both version X or both version XI). If you have a different combination, that setup is not supported.

Printing to TIFF from any application is done using a 3rd party virtual printer that creates TIFF images instead of printed output - just like the virtual Adobe PDF printer that comes with Acrobat creates PDF files. If the Microsoft XPS Document Writer that came with Windows XP was able to create TIFF files, but the one in Win7 is not, then you need to complain to Microsoft, this is not something Adobe Reader did, it was done by the Windows printing subsystem.

You can always look for a virtual printer that creates TIFF images, but again, this would not be Reader specific, you would have this ability from all applications once you install such software.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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Karl Heinz Kremer   

There are several non-Adobe products which allow you to save a PDF file as TIFF. Adobe Reader can't do it by itself. Maybe you had a printer driver which allowed to do it on Windows XP, but not installed with Adobe Reader.

If someone sends you a PDF file you should be able to read and print it with both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, unless the Adobe Acrobat version is very old and the PDF has newer features, such as layers, 3D objects, XFA form, etc.

Which Adobe Acrobat version do you have?

Almir R V Santos   

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