Saved PDF does not appear in folder where it's saved.

I created a PDF form from a Word 2007 document, extended features in Acrobat Reader, certified the document with a visible signature and then saved it in My Documents. If I then open the My Documents folder, the file it not there!

If I use Windows Explorer and search for it, it shows the file as being in the folder where I saved it. If I open the containing folder... nope, can't see it. I need to attach the file to an outgoing email, but I don't use Outlook so i can't attach it to an email through Acrobat.

It does show up in My Documents later, say after 6 hours or so! Definitely an issue when time is of the essence.

Is this an Acrobat issue, or a Windows 7 issue? How do I fix it?

Mary Barnett

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Pretty certain this is not an Acrobat issue, there seems to be lots of strange things happening with Windows 7 and hiding files, it has happened here also.

Below is a link to the Windows help section, and there seems to be lots of options for you to try.

Hope these help?

By Sean Mitchell   

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