Reader XI will not print pdfs, says there are no pages selected to print. pdf prints elsewhere. have reinstalled

Adobe Reader XI will not print pdfs. Even print as image doesn't work. Doesn't work with either ink jet or laser printer although they both are able to print ok from Word, Excel, etc. Have tried with multiple pdf documents that all print ok on other machines. Have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader XI but same symptom. Gives error message "The document could not be printed" and then "There were no pages selected to print"

Thomas Arthur

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This is becoming a very common problem.

It got solved for someone the other day by doing the following Edit -> Preferences-> Documents -> View Documents in PDF/A modeā€¦ Make it as "Never" Restart your adobe reader and now you should be able to print.

But other things you could try:

Turn off Protected Mode temporarily to see if this is related? Edit > Prefereces > General category.

Have you tried Repairing your installation (from under the Help menu)?

This link could help to,

Hope one of those helps?

Sean Mitchell   

I've been having lots of problems with the updated Reader XI saying "no pages to print". I tried everything, including changing the preferences, printing as Image, unchecking printing as Image, updating Acrobat Reader, updating my printer driver.

Finally, I simply uninstalled Reader XI, and went to, downloaded and installed Reader 9.0. Voila! Files print with no problems!

A quick perusal of Google hits on this problem indicates we're not alone. It seems 9.0 is simply a more stable version.

-- Paul Nus, July 25, 2013

Paul Nus   

While the issue still remains somewhat unsolved, I managed to work around it by determining that the issue is more with the selected printer's compatibility with the file being printed. I had the same problem with a PDF file, trying to print it on an office's Konica printer. Once I selected a smaller HP printer (P4014 for example), the document printed just fine. My guess is, all of you experiencing this difficulty are probably trying to print on either a Konica Minolta or a big Toshiba printer. Please try to print on any other type of printer and if you NEED to print on the Konica or Toshiba, please contact these companies to send a rep to fix this issue for you. Hope that helped solve your problem. Take care and all the best for 2016!

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Alex Toussaint   

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