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Hi George,
Thanks for previous answer regarding using certificates for publishing secure pdf using adobe acrobat. The process went fine when I tried it, up until the point where the recipient had to select a certificate to send me. About 12 certificates were listed in the available list of certificates that he could send. I wasn't sure which one should be sent. Does the recipient simply send them all?

Also, I'm trying to achieve the following, and am not even sure the certificates approach is the correct one, namely: I'm trying to securely publish a pdf document to a known group of people. There is probably an easy solution, but the simple goal is to have only the specific group of readers be able to access the document contents. Is the certificate approach the best one when the group contains a more or less static group of known persons who have contracted to receive it?
Thanks for any thoughts and info you can offer.

S Bllquist

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The certificate approach is the best method for doing what you require. I have put in place the same system at my work and only people inside the company can open PDF documents that are secured using certicates, if anyone outside of the company opens the PDF then they are greeted with 'the computer says no message!'

If you are the person encrypting the PDF, you will need each persons certificate in order to achieve this. You mentioned 12 certificates, is that the entire group? And do you have those already, the people who will be opening the PDFs dont need the all the certificates on theire computer, just there's.

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

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