Proper Font not displayed in PDF

I have prepared a document with Calibri font and then converted it to PDF.
When I open this PDF file on another PC, the font is displayed properly. But, when I open the same file on my PC, the document is displayed with a different font (something like Simplex font style).
What can be the reason and possible solution for this?

Pratik Ambani

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If the font is not embedded, you need to embed it on a system that has this font available. You can do this using the Preflight tool under the Print Production Tools set. If you don't have Acrobat Pro, you do not have preflight, in this case follow these instructions to embed the font:

By Karl Heinz Kremer   

Did you embed fonts in the PDF?
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David Austin   

The Word file that i'm converting from has the font Calibri. Which is a standard font and is installed by default with Microsoft Office itself.
As I said, this problem of font displaying occurs only on my PC, whereas I have Acrobat X Professional version while other PC's have only Viewer!!

Pratik Ambani   

Please specify a reason: