Problems when trying to Save As Reduced File Size

I have a large PDF (95 MB) that is slow to open on our Intranet so I am trying to do a Save As, Reduce File Size. On my PC it gets are far as subsetting embeded fonts then hangs up and closes out the PDF without giving me an error message. I had someone else try to do it they got different error messages; "An error was encountered while optimizing content streams" then "The encoding (CMap)specified by a font is missing." and then "The PDF document containted image masks that were not downsampled." I asked a 3rd person to try it with Acrobat XI Pro and it was reduced successfully. I am running Windows 7, Acrobat Pro XI and the files were from many various contributors in Word 2003, 2007 & 2010. Some of the fonts vary from Calibri, Arial & Times Roman. Pretty standard fonts. What could be causing this?

Kimberly Mynatt

1 Answer

Without access to the actual file, it's impossible to say. Based on the error message you are getting, it seems font related. I would start by running a preflight check to find syntax errors in your PDF file (you will find this in the Analyze category). If this does not provide any clues, you may want to repair your Acrobat installations on the computers where this failed. You can find the repair function in Acrobat's Help menu.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

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