Problem reading this document (14)

Help! I have spent days creating a pdf from scratch..

I was copying a pasting a series of Fields, then renaming them. The last time I did this, I recieved an error message which wouldn't go away (I didn't write the message down), and had to go into control panel to close the program.

When I opened the file again, I could no longer drag my cursor to highlight multiple fields. As well, I cannot rename fields. I NEED to be able to rename fields!

Finally, when I try to save, I get the message "This document cannot be saved. There was a problem reading this document (14)".

Please, somebody help me.. this is the only copy of the pdf that I have!

Syd Lab

2 Answers

Don't shoot the messenger.

But when this error message appears, the document is usually mumpfed up beyond repair. If it is a multi-page document, you may try to salvage individual pages, but test them very well before continuing your work.

Do you faintly remember what the error message you got first said?

You also should deactivate the "Save as... optimizes for fast web view" option in the Preferences, and then try to a) save, and b) save as…

You might also look around if you find some temporary files (probably not, but nevertheless worthwile checking)

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss   

In computer science there are two categories of persons, those who have lost data and those who will lose data : backup, backup, backup, …


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