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In pro 9 there is a feature to "replace file names with starting and ending bates number" (adv>doc processing>bates#>add..., output options). You tell it what bates prefix you want to use and it renames the pdf documents sequentially based on the # of pages.

Is this feature available in Adobe Acrobat Pro X? I have the full Acrobat X Suite.

I searched and didn't see this answered. If you can help, please advise.

Thank you!

L. W. Dusk

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Yes it is still there in Acrobat X. Go to the Tools Pane then select the Pages panel, under that go to Edit Page Design section and select Bates Numbering-> Add Bates Numbering. In the ensuing dialog you will see the same options as were in Acrobat 9.

Hope this helps,

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By Dimitri Munkirs   

Got it!!

Thank you!!

L. W. Dusk   

I have Acrobat X Pro and am trying to do the same thing (replace file names with bates numbers) but cannot find this feature. Is it no longer available?

matt goforth   

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