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I have been using Adobe Reader for a decent amount of time now. Starting on July 5th Thursday I have had a problem with trying to print to my HP 500 Design Jet. When I hit the print button the progress bar does come up but it stays at 0% and does not move forward from there. I am able to cancel the print with the cancel button but it does take some time for it to go through and cancel. After I can the print it says "A Drawing Error Occured". I have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe reader, gone through all the updates that I know of also. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Shaun Doyle

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Hi Shaun,

Most of the time this is an error with the file you are trying to print.
I would suggest you to try to print some other PDF file and see if you still get the error.
If it is an issue with a particular file, then you can try the solutions explained in the forums below.

Hope this helps!!

By Deepak Jeswani   

I have tried to print another file pdf just out of a random file that I have previously printed before in the past and I am having the same issue of not being able to print. I have even tried to print to another printer that I have hooked up through a network and cant print to that printer either. I will look through the links and see if anything will help.

Shaun Doyle   

You could try 'print as image' as a short term fix and see if this lets you print. If it does, then it is a problem with your PDFs. If it doesnt print then you have other issues.

This option is found in the print dialogue box.

What version of Reader are you using and is it up-to-date?

Sean Mitchell   

I am using Adobe Reader X 10.1.3 and as far as I know everything is up to date as I have reinstalled Adobe Reader twice. I did get another PDF to print yesterday although the PDF that I was originally trying to print still will not print. I will be trying more today as I have alot more to print and I will see what happens. Thank you guys for your help so far on this issue.

Shaun Doyle   

David Austin   

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