Preflight inspection for PDF/A-2a compliance issue

Why Adobe Acrobat Preflight inspection for PDF/A-2a compliance marks PDF file invalid if its RoleMap dictionary contains mapping of standard structure type? For example, when RoleMap contains entry <</Document /Document>>, Preflight reports error: "Standard tag mapped to standard tag in role map".

ISO 32000-1 14.7.3 specifies that:
a) the same structure type may occur as both a key and a value in the role map;
b) an element name shall always be mapped to its corresponding name in the role map, if there is one, even if the original name is one of the standard types.

Though ISO 19005-2 requires that "non-standard structure types shall be mapped to the nearest functionally equivalent standard type" ( clause), there is no prohibition to map standard types.

Petras Petkus

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