Place Print PDF Box in header

I have seen Print Form action boxes at the top of forms. How do you do this to a form?

Bill Milny

2 Answers

You could place a button (use Button tool) having an action of Execute a menu item which would be "File>Print".

David Austin   

Hi Billy,

If the form is created in LiveCycle Designer you get the option to add a Print Form button when you first develop the form, or if you have aform already you can add a Print Form button from the Insert -> Standard menu item, choose Print Button.

If this is an AcroForm ( created in Acrobat, not LiveCycle Designer) you can use the Form tools to add a button to the form, right click to get the Properties dialog for the button and under Actions tab choose Execute a Menu Item, click the Add button and select File->Print. You can add the Label "Print Form" under the Options tab in that same Properties dialog.

Hope this helps,

WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs   

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