Passwords do not match when creating new digital signature?

When I try to create a new signature I get a "passwords do not match" error but I have a field for the create but no field for the confirm password.

Earl Haddix

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The same problem also occurs in Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.x and even in PCs with higher resolutions. The trick is to pretend that the second Password field exists.

1. Type your password in the Password field. Hit the Tab key to move the cursor to the second Password field which we know does not show on the form. Retype the password in this imaginary field.

Note: To prove that the above trick works, try using a short password so retyping it in the imaginary field will not produce a true "Passwords do not match." error. Then you can create your Digital ID with a stronger password.

2. Hit Finish and it will work.

The eager designer of the form simply forgot to create the second Password field.

Andres D. Hortillosa

By Andres Hortillosa   

What version of Acrobat and what OS?

Michael Kazlow   

See You may have the same problem I did. The screen resolution is not allowing the full window to display. After inserting the intial password, press Tab to go to the Confirm Password field. It may scroll up to become visible. In my case the problem was on netbooks with small screens.


Karl Sumwalt   

For me, the "tab" solution did not work. The 2nd password entry box isn't just hiding; it's literally not there. The fix is to change your screen resolution in Windows--you have to set it to the standard 96 DPI. Anything larger prevents Acrobat from displaying the 2nd password box. After resetting the resolution and logging off/back into Windows, you can create your digital ID.

Robert Schur   

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