PDF sent unrestricted but received read only

I am using Acrobat X Pro. I have a pdf doc which under properties shows no security and no restrictions. However, the publisher receiving it says that, when he gets it, it says: the file you have opened complies with PDF/A Standard and has been opened read only to prevent modification. He says this is not true for other files he receives. I need this file to get to them so they can modify it. Help please!

Jack Whytock

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As you asked…

It appears that somehow your file pretends to be compliant to PDF/A.

Adobe decided to set an option by default to open documents claiming to be PDF/A compliant read-only.

You could suggest to your printer to go to the Acrobat preferences, into the Documents tab, and change the setting for Viep documents in PDF/A mode to "never", and that should do it.

On your side, you could check whether somehow you accidentially happened to save the document as PDF/A.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

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