PDF being read on one Windows 7 computer shows up differing font styles

I have NEVER had this before since using PDF Readers since Adobe Readers for about a decade.
A PDF being read on one Windows 7 computer shows up with completely different font style to another Windows 7 computer. Worse still having been proofed public display posters have been printed that do not display the required image because the printers computer directly prints to a vinyl poster machine. I have used same computers and printer has too for at least two years. My two Windows 7 computers are fully up-to-date and both have Adobe Reader XI. Can't we go back to a good system so that once a PDF is produced it cannot look different to anybody else. be it windows or even Apple it Must be the same. What are you doing to correct this? This is awful and terrible. I work unpaid for a charity so the posters have had to go up as I am paying I cannot afford one mistake. Get Acrobat Reader 9 or 8 back "Pretty Dam Quick" as soon as possible. You are destroying the trust in your software. A PDF by anyone sent to anyone must look the same - allowing for screen resolution etc, in this case my computers are laptops so that is not the issue. Help.

T Thomas

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Hi T,

Some fonts are restricted and Acrobat does not embed them. Is it one particular font that is causing the problem? What software are you using to convert to PDF?

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Dimitri Munkirs   

One Windows 7 computer has Full MS Office and PaintShopPro whilst the other is a Netbook with home office and no graphics packages.

The font in question is an OPEN font, the same as Arial and Times New Roman called Swis712 BlkRnd.

This font displays conrrectly as I want it on my main Windows 7 Laptop in both WORD and as a PDF in PDF Adobe Reader X1 and as a JPG image taken from a PRTSC screen dump.WORD and PDF files transfered by memory stick to my Windows 7 Laptop read correctly in WORD but now incorrectly in Adobe Reader XI. The actual problem was following approval me seeing it in Adobe Reader X1 on my main Windows 7 laptop I sent it by e-mail to the printer and quite logically the printer sent it directly to his vinyl machine for poster printing. I looked at his PC this afternoon and yes it was also wrong on his machine. I had my netbook with me and was amazed to see it wrong on my netbook too. I know I was right as I had transfered the screen image dump to my netbook so I also had the same original PDF correctly as a JPG image prooving I was right on one Windows machine. My printer was surprised as I was that PDF can look different using the same Reader software. If you say Adobe cannot render some fonts why can I read it on one machine and not the same on another. Something else is wrong.

Thank you for looking into this. If you send me an e-mail I will send you the PDF and the JPG and the WORD doc but if you have only one PC you will only see how your Reader works on that machine. The software that created the PDF is imaterial as the end result looks different on different computers both running Windows 7 and Adobe Reader X1. I lookforward to your thoughts.

T Thomas   

It would help if you tell us what is shown when you open the file and select: File > Properties > Fonts

particularly if it shows the fonts as embedded or not.

George Johnson   

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