PDF form is completed with a digital signature & when faxed or printed signature doesn't show.

PDF form is completed with a digital signature and when faxed or printed the signature does not show.

When inserting a digital signature, it does not show when faxed to receipient or printed. Is this an Adobe settin

Debra Sepulveda

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Did you create a Digital ID?

Is there a "Signature" form field on the PDF?

Digital Certificate used with a signature form field does print.

Is this a custom stamp?

A facsimile stamp of a signature is a stamp comment or annotation. You need to select the "Document & Markups/Annotations" to see any stamp.

"Applied" can mean place a stamp or complete a signature field.

By George Kaiser   

Is the signature applied to a field or as a hidden signature?

What OS and product including version are you using?

Macintosh Preview has known problems with form fields.

George Kaiser   

It is an applied signature. We are using Acrobat 9 Pro with Windows XP Pro.

Debra Sepulveda   

We selected the "Document & Markups/Annotations" and that fixed it. Thanks for the help!!

Debra Sepulveda   

The only way the signature can be verified is from within Acrobat or Reader. Once you print (or fax) the page it's just a piece of paper where Acrobat no longer has the ability to validate the signature. Thus, any signature validation that you see in Acrobat or Reader does not show up in the printed copy.


Steven Madwin   

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