PDF Portfolio is missing from our company installed Acrobat X standard, should it be there?

Our company recently upgraded all PC to Micosoft office 10 and Windows 7. The Adobe install was Adobe Acrobat X standard. We were used to creating PDF packages in Adobe Acrobat 8 to use in meetings to quickly move from one doc to another. Reading on this site I discoved the same process should be available under PDF portfolio but I can not find it anywhere in our standard Acrobat X. Should it be there or is this only available in a professional version?

Melanie Smith

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You can add file attachments with Acrobat X Standard: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/acrobat/s...

This will give you the same thing as a PDF package. Portfolios are different than Packages, though the idea is similar: http://blogs.adobe.com/ADEPhelp/2008/...

By George Johnson   

You can view PDF Portfolios in Acrobat X Standard but you'll need Acrobat X Pro. to create them. Here is a link to a detailed product comparision:

Lori Kassuba   


did you try to open and edit a previously made PDF Package with Acrobat X Standard?
(It works fine with Acrobat X Pro)

JR Boulay   

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