PDF Error 1 - when opening a file to view online

I have recently completely updated my computer to use Adobe Reader X and I can no longer view or save pdf's online. I can no longer view pdf's from my bank, loan servicers, or from emails. I can view pdf that are already on my computer but not from the internet. If I try to view or save the pdf it says "PDF Error" and if I try to save the file it says "PDF ERROR 1". I cannot find any search terms online for "PDF ERROR 1". I have installed Adobe Reader X on my computer which is Vista 64 and my fathers computer which is Windows 7. I have tried to use Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, all fully updated. Then I went to update everything for Windows, still nothing. Nothing remedies my dilemma.

Clinton Chandler

1 Answer

You can try to open the file by disabling "open PDF in browser" option.

1) Open the Acrobat Pro from All programs
2) Go to Edit->Preferences-> Internet
3) "Open PDf in browser" Disable this option by unchecking the box.
4) close all the pdf windows and browser
5) Try to open the file now.

Hope this helps!!

Deepak Jeswani   

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