PDF A/1-a and redaction

Can a document converted from tiff to PDF A/1-a be redacted after the conversion to PDF A/1-a?

jim fisher

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As a PDF/A-1a compliant file requires that there be text and accessibility information, a TIFF can not be converted to that standard.

You can, however, create a PDF/A-1b compliant file.

By Leonard Rosenthol   

Not as a PDF/A file - these files are read-only. Any editing will potentially make the file no longer PDF/A complient. In Acrobat XI, you'll see the PDF/A bar at the top of the page with a button to enable editing. Once you've done that, you can redact the document, but you have to save it as PDF/A again after being done with teh modifications. In Acrobat X you don't have that simple way of doing it. There is a fast way and a complicated way: The fast way is to go into Preferences>Documents and change the PDF/A view mode to Never (you may want to change it back when you are done). The complicated way is to use Preflight and remove the PDF/A feature from the file by using Tools>Print Production>Preflight, then make sure the Profiles tab is selected and run the PDF/A Complience>Remvoe PDF/A information profile (select the entry and click on "Analyze and Fix").

Karl Heinz Kremer   

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