PCL XL Error

When I try to print a downloaded file (but not all) I get the following message: PCL XL error; Subsystem: Kernel, Error: Illegal Operator Sequence, Operator: Set Page Scale; Position: 2. I can print other downloaded files, but some give me this message. I can not figure out how to fix this. Any suggestions?

Bill Hays

1 Answer


the printout is a processing error of your PCL XL (PCL6) printer driver.
The reason can vary from file to file.
Often it's a lack within the PDF structure the driver cannot handle properly.
The most common workaround it to activate the "Print as Image" checkbox in the Advanced Settings of the print dialog of your Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
This may cause a slower printout and larger spool file.

Another option would be the usage of a PostScript (PS) driver for your printer.

Marcus Radzuweit   

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