Outlook 2007 & PDF-maker: Archiving e-mails in a PDF-portfolio -- how to directly convert non-pdf attachments?

Hi all,

when creating a portfolio of a bunch of e-mails in folders and sub-folders to archive them popper, is there any way to convert attachments like .xls, .docx or simulare to .pdf as well?

Using Acrobat X Pro on a Win7 machine PDF-maker only attaches the files as they are in the e-mail but I could not find any option to convert non-pdf attachments to pdf - not in outlook nor in Acrobat X Pro after the portfolio is done.

Any ideas? Anyone?

Nils Mark Barner

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The archive to a Portfolio takes the as-is attached file(s). File coversion to PDF of another file format for a file attached within a Portfolio is not a feature of a Portfolio.

You could convert non-PDF to PDF first then create the Portfolio or open the Portfolio attached file and output a PDF for inclusion in the Portfolio.

But, basically, the intend of the archive the Outlook is to provide an "as-is" repository.

David Austin   

Thank you for the quick answer David!

As I already thought there is definitely no feature :-(
Does anybody know of any script or similar to automate converting all attachments. We won*t do that manually for sure.

Any further tips*n*tricks?

Nils Mark Barner   

This is possible with a third-party plug-in from Evermap called AutoPortfolio, but only if you "convert" the existing portfolio created through Outlook to a standard or "flat" PDF. During this process, you can also specifiy the output sort order or tightly define the content to be included in the conversion, exclude certain file extensions, etc. It works very well.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation of any kind with Evermap, but did address the use of several of their products in my book, "The PDF Litigation Guide."

Hope that helps!

Jason Covey
PDF Litigation Solutions, LLC

Jason Covey   

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