Opening PDF files in emails

Cannot open PDF files in my emails. When I click on open I get a blank box & then reverts back to email. Have uninstalled ReaderXl several times but does help. Is there somewhere in computer where I have to change something to get these files to open?

Linda Guy

3 Answers

Are these files that are sent as attachments to messages? Some email apps have a 'preview' function but all don't work with pdf files. I'd just try saving the attachment and then opening the file in Reader.


Clinton Dyches   

Hi Linda,
Save your PDF file to an easily accessible folder (like /Documents or /Desktop folder), navigate your way to such folder and double-click on it. Windows should then launch Adobe Reader XI and open the document automatically.
Hope this helps.

Leonel Coelho   

Hi Linda,
Try the following:

1) Open Adobe Standard/Pro/Reader from Start > Programs
2) Edit > Preferences >Internet > Display PDF in Browser.
Uncheck this option if selected.

3) Click on Ok and close IE window and Adobe
4) Try to open the files from IE now and see if it works for you.

Hope this helps.

Leonel Coelho   

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